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A Song in her Heart

Wendy Woo helps at-risk youth unlock their inner rockstar and build confidence

Since 1997 Wendy Woo has produced 12 albums (and 1 DVD) of original folk, rock, jam, country. She knows how to rock, it’s true. She’s also a mom. The combination results in a divine chimera of nurturing, kindness, and trashed hotel rooms. (Well, not really on the hotel rooms thing…) See, Wendy Woo takes her rock-goddessness and applies it to helping kids and youth around Loveland tap into their own inner creative, solo-shredding, rockstars.

Through fundraising efforts, special concerts, and volunteer hours, Wendy helps put guitars in the hands of the next generation because absolute power (chords) corrupt absolutely. Sharing is really the crux of music expression. Without an audience, you’re playing to an empty house. For Wendy, it’s about more than just giving the gift of music. She works with programs that offer free guitars and guitar lessons to inner city youth and kids because learning music builds confidence, critical thinking and encourages creativity. If you put a song in the hearts of the next generations, they will sing it loud, and they will pass it down.

Music is Community

For Wendy Woo, music is about community. It’s a medium through which all people can connect, reach peace, and reap joy. Music is a universal language that knows nothing of age, income, race, religion or creed. Music is for everyone, by everyone, and infused in each of our souls. It’s also a universal gift.

Wendy continues to drive creative, musical, life-affirming greatness in the young people of Loveland’s Namaqua Elementary school, adding some unique experience to the school’s outdoor classroom. For her, and I’m directly quoting her application, the inspiration to be of service comes from “Natural instinct.” Wendy has tapped into music as a means to communicate with the wider community. She takes her talent for giving back on the road, and if you get a chance, you should get a front row seat.