Building Stronger Communities

Stacey Burns works to build healthy and stigma-free communities.

Humble sincerity and quiet leadership are the calling cards left by Stacey Burns.  As a twelve year veteran in the Career, Education and Training field, Stacey spends her days equipping people with tools, skills and opportunities to live up to their full potential.  For her, the most powerful impact her work can have comes in the form of giving those she serves a sense of purpose.  Stacey is a powerful force for equalizing opportunities for people experiencing disadvantages and she calmly guides individuals from a place of doubt and stigma to a new path toward success.

Stacey leads by allowing people to find their own solutions.  She equips those she serves with their own tools to create a more powerful self and facilitates their learning and growth by teaching them the necessary skills to be successful.  It takes a great leader to empower a stigmatized population to believe in themselves, and it takes a compassionate person to see all human beings as equals, regardless of their current social or economic situations. 

Stacey truly believes that we can create meaningful change in our communities and believes that this starts with improved communication. 

“If we don't let poor communication interfere, and if everyone takes the responsibility to be part of the solution in whatever way they can, we can improve our communities.”

Stacey’s work reaches beyond her job because serving the community is in her very DNA. She teaches a whole community solution where each and every one of us does our small part for the greater good. She’s not concerned with how someone came to need her help, but rather how she can offer the best help possible in order to teach those she serves "how to fish."

She had great examples growing up, joining her mother on rides to deliver Meals on Wheels, and watching her dad, who owned and operated his own pharmacy, work with people to make sure they could afford the medication they needed. For Stacey, community means offering each other opportunity, championing the underdog and giving voice to the voiceless.  With a teenager in high school she is now passing that same ethic on to her daughter.

Stacey Burns’ brand of leadership is creating hope for people in challenging situations and helping them find resources, skills and new beginnings. Where others see inequality, Stacey strives for balance, using the power of communities working together to create meaningful change.  If we follow her humble lead, we’ll have an incredible legacy to leave for the generation of tomorrow.

Stacey is currently the Vice President of Business Innovation at Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado and the Colorado Institute for Social Impact (CI4SI). The Colorado Institute for Social Impact seeks to educate organizations on the power of the emerging Fourth Sector of the economy using entrepreneurial strategies to solve social issues in our community.