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Helping Each Other Heal

Scott Strode’s mission to mend lives, families and communities

Addiction can be destructive. It touches individual lives, can rip apart families, and can create chaos within communities. Addiction alters the way a person views him or herself. It can create isolation and self-loathing. Taking the step toward sobriety isn’t easy. It’s a huge risk. It means completely altering a life, abandoning the security that can come with an addiction, for the unknown… life without.

Scott Strode battled his own addictions, and like the Phoenix that graces his nonprofit’s name, he rose out of the ashes. He understands the stigma associated with addiction, the hard work it takes to reach sobriety, and the support from other people that are necessary for success.

Scott dedicates his service today to the mentors who “believed in me until I believed in myself.” He founded The Phoenix to offer persons in recovery an innovative way to support each other and work together through a place that offers hope for those who want to live a sober life. 

The program has served over 12,000 participants from Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs by providing free running, biking, climbing, CrossFit, boxing and yoga programs. Scott believes in the power of action and sport in combating addiction and removing the stigmas associated. His and The Phoenix's goal is to show persons struggling and in recovery that long term recovery is possible, that they are not alone, and that the future is truly bright.

In 2012, he was named a Top 10 CNN Hero. In 2014, he was invited to take part in a White House panel discussion with the Office of National Drug Control Policy, where he was also honored with the “Advocates for Action” award. That this recognition could help the community rally together around the cause means more to Scott than anything else. His focus lies in how we can help each other heal. By not giving up on people struggling with addiction, Scott knows that we can guide them, and society, to see the struggle in a new light that leads to real recovery.

The Phoenix is Scott’s creation to give back and rebuild lives. It’s about being there for each other, especially in our darkest moments. And with Scott’s great works, we may pave new roads of connection and collaboration that reunite families, rebuild lives and reinvigorate communities.