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Investment by Example

John Mulstay makes the world better by catching the good guys

As a boy, John Mulstay observed his father, a veteran of Nassau County Police Department who retired as a 2-star chief, living a life of citizenship and responsibility. John never served in law enforcement, instead taking a love (and skill) for snowboarding to found Team Summit Snowboarding, one of the largest organized teams in the country, and to coach several members of the U.S. Team. He eventually opted for a career in financial management. Still, apples don’t fall far from trees, they say. For John, his father’s potent example remains forever at his core. Pun intended.

John has spent 18 years as a wealth advisor, responsible for his clients’ money, and helping them ensure their futures. That’s not enough for him, though. A born New Yorker transplanted in Colorado, the affable, confident and charming Mulstay was always on the case for making lives better. Meeting Harry and Eva Puksta earned him his stripes. Friends and clients, the Pukstas entrusted John to establish a nonprofit in their name, when they passed away in 1999. The Pukstas saw the leader in John at an early age.

Stewarding A Generation

It’s a medal of honor John wears proudly, as he runs the Puksta Foundation Scholars program for students at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado State University and Denver University. John’s work with Puksta is about cultivating and guiding the leaders of tomorrow at a major turning point in their lives. College is the end of childhood and the start of adulthood, and the kids who really care deserve the stewardship and opportunity to turn their good intentions into positive change.

That’s what John does. Advocating for financial support for students in need and leading teams of students to civic engagement, he helps them lay the groundwork for the future that they want, and that our society needs. He is their powerful backer, their co-investor, their champion. And he does it all because he knows that great kids who want to become great adults can, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be served and protected by a caring community along the way.

John Mulstay is looking forever forward, toward the future. It’s his job, and it’s his passion. He’d definitely sit down with you, have a beer, and explain it in detail sometime. It comes down to leadership. Today’s leaders are responsible to guide tomorrow’s. Leaders don’t train new ones, they don’t carve new leaders in their own image, they just instill the values, ethics and skills needed to succeed. John Mulstay walks the beat of life looking for suspected leaders every day. He knows that helping them thrive at an early age is the key to changing the mean streets into kinder ones.