Kindness & Grit Will Keep Us Together

Dana Bryson draws community together from the ground up

Dana Bryson's committed to confronting gritty problems in our communities. She leads a connected life, both inside and out. She has spent more than twenty years working at the top--in cities like Oakland and Washington, D.C. and Denver--and also worked in the roots, soil, and compost, helping to start what is now Washington D.C.'s largest Urban Farm.

She's a matchmaker and a motivator for people doing good, and the passion that fuels her is Kindess, itself. We wonder whether 20 years of headstands have helped this yogini to see the possibilities.

Dana is a conduit for Good becoming Great. She reaches into our sometimes all too isolated world of technology and bureaucracy, and helps strong seeds grow and become real. She observes and identifies an entrepreneur, a cause, an organization, a leader, and discovers their needs. She has a gift for clarity about "the BIG PICTURE" and the concrete steps needed to reach a goal. The harder Dana's shaken, the more worried the wind.

A kind of comprehensive, full-tilt community involvement is what makes Dana so special. As Mayoral Chief of Staff, she acted as a community advocate on issues such as police reform, economic development, and healthful food as a civil right. As Board Chair of Denver Urban Gardens, Dana's right there in the soil. She's worked on local campaigns, too.

Her big-hearted, high-energy approach to connecting great people means that our community gets a little closer, and a lot more loving. With Dana Bryson in your corner some truly magical things can happen. With her love, her hard-earned know-how, and her nerve, she helps keep our communities energized, and working together. 

And with her help, there's almost nothing that we can't do.