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For Whom the Art Tolls

Art education belongs to everyone.

Working at the intersection of art, ability and creativity Damon McLeese is a speaker, trainer, activist, consultant, coach, mentor and community artist. 

Damon specializes in unlocking the creative power of people regardless of their background. Whether in a corporate setting, the classroom or in their personal life. Damon's approach bridges the gap between creativity, collaboration, and community. 

Damon has created projects that force us to look at creativity, ability, and creativity in very different ways. Damon has developed projects as diverse as Photography projects for people who are blind, to teaching people with Alzheimer's and Dementia to do Street art and hired students with disabilities to create corporate art commisions. 

He firmly believes a community is built on creativity and collaboration. We are all creative, whether we believe it or not. We are also much better off when we work together and when we truly collaborate, yet so many people, corporations, and companies do not know how to truly encourage creativity. There is a huge difference between creativity and conformity yet we often confuse these issues. Damon is a master at opening avenues of community and showing how to truly create a creative space where all viewpoints are valued.  Creativity is best expressed when it is shared and trust is built in a safe environment.  

Damon has been the Executive Director of Access Gallery for more than 20 years and was the recipients of the 2014 Mayor's Award for Innovation in the Arts and was a speaker at the 2016 TEDx Mile High, Make and Believe event. In 2017 Damon received the prestigious Governors Award for Leadership in the Arts.